Duben 2015

10 things i wish i would fully realise

30. dubna 2015 v 17:22 | Mitchie |  Mitchie píše
1. it's okay to be new to things, to be unsure of what you're doing. even the people that seem confident at what they're doing were new to this once.

2. don't wish to be anybody else than you. nobody is perfect. you're you, and that's the best thing you can be.

3. you're important. you matter. stop trying to make them like you. if they don't like you for who you are, they're not worth it.

4. it's okay to give people another chance. it's not okay to keep giving them one chance after another, hoping this time they won't break you heart.

5. learn when it's time to stop trying. sometimes it's more than okay to give up. it's not okay to keep giving people opportunities to walk all over you.

6. actions matter more than words. doesn't matter what kind of person they are. actions are always what matters most.

7. they don't have to talk to you everyday to prove they like you. however, if they never reach out, they don't care. stop convincing yourself otherwise.

8. if they wrecked you, don't let them back into your life. don't initiate things in hopes they changed. if they had changed, they would have been the one trying.

9. listen to your best friend. they are looking out for you.

10. there's probably a reason it didn't work out. you'll fall for somebody else. hopefully not for such a prick this time. stop thinking about him.

i know now you're a dickhead and i wish my throat wouldn't close up at the thought of you

Chris Pine & Billy Magnussen - Agony (Into The Woods)

10. dubna 2015 v 14:44 | Mitchie |  Songs
Včera večer som pozerala Into the Woods a odvtedy mám túto scénu/pesničku furt zapnutú. Ten film podľa mňa nestojí za to, aby ste pri ňom zabili dve hodiny svojho času, ale táto jedna scéna je fakt dokonalá. :D Najlepšia časť z filmu!
(Pieseň začína od 1:16)

the four states of matter

7. dubna 2015 v 23:01 | Mitchie |  Mitchie píše

There are very few special people in this world. I was lucky enough to have met four of them.
Three of them were my best friends. One still is, two of them I lost. The fourth one, well... that one was never mine to lose.
That's the thing about them; these special people are hard to keep. For this exact reason it's hard to say whether having them in your life is a blessing or a curse. I'd like to think both. A blessing because they open up your eyes, make you see things that you have never seen before, make you feel things on a whole different scale. A curse for all the exact same reasons and more, because usually, inevitably - they leave.

The first one was like Air. She always seemed so fragile, yet she was immensely strong and didn't even realise. She was the one who saw everything from a different perspective. The one who never said what you wanted to hear and yet said the right thing and made you see the light in every situation. Unbelievably intelligent and loyal, a person with her own beautiful abstract view of the world.
She was Green; peaceful, spiritual, constantly growing.
If I had always been destined to keep only one of them, I'm glad it was her.

The second one was the Earth. Always looking out for others, making sure her loved ones were okay. The most selfless person I have ever met. Reassuring you that you matter just by her caring nature.
She was Yellow, with an endless smile on her face, bringing joy and warmth to your world.
I don't remember what I was thinking - why I was stupid enough to let her go.

The third one was trustworthy and very in touch with his mind like Blue.
He was my Water. Sometimes I could feel him everywhere around me. He was compassionate, attentive and took time to see things other people would overlook. He was calm and tough, even though he would never admit it, and he brought out a side of me I didn't even know I had.
However, on some days, his tides went out and left me feeling cold. That's what happened in the very end, too.

The fourth one was like a burning Fire, and setting me on one, too. He was expressive, independent and untameable. Never needed anyone, yet it was so simple for him to make others feel like they needed him. He helped me build my inner strength, but he was also the one who made me feel weak. He was destructive.
Passionate, powerful and dangerous like Red.
He was the one that could make me feel so damn alive one second and then leave me out in the cold the next.

Each and every one of them was special in their own way, each brought something else to the table, changed me in so many different ways, opened up a different door. One thing they had in common though - the feeling they left in me. And maybe, for all I know, they might have been my soulmates.

the things I think about at nights.